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Diary: Ditching the scales

SO I’ve spent two and a half years half heartedly following the slimming world plan. But it’s time now I finally reach my target.
But what is my target? How the hell will I know what 10 stone will look like on me? or 8 stone? I might be happier at 11 stone.  ARGHH.
Made a little decision that from now on I’m not doing it solely based on weight any more.
In fact I’m only going to weigh myself once a month so I don’t get obsessed with numbers.
img_3823I’m going to be basing my entire journey on fitting in this dress that I’ve spent 2 years hoarding. Its not a particularly special dress, its not sparkly or amazing but I’ve never been able to fit in it.
It says its a 14 but I think it must have got muddled up with US sizes and it’s actually a 10 because even at my lowest weight I could not squeeze my arse into this dress!
I’m not going to slimming world classes because (and this is the honest truth) Great British Bake Off has started again on a Tuesday night and well… I like GBBO…
I’ve started eating healthily again, and I dragged Martyn into it as well because he was hoping for ice cream on Saturday, instead he got fruit with a muller light! He then tried to teach me how to use weights for my arms and my 1.5 kg lady weights got too heavy and I bashed myself in the face. Martyn laughed, I cried.
The weight training came about because we got into bed and as he went to set an alarm he noticed the two arm weights on my bed side table.
“Why the hell are these here?”
“I do arm weights before bed…”
“Oh God, Show me…”

*does the arm weights*

“Oh God, stop.”
But I am fully trained now and will have the arms of a goddess not of a 73-year-old who’s only exercise has been dabbing at bingo.
So I’m going to spend 4 weeks sticking to the diet, measuring myself because I find even when I’m not losing weight I can feel the difference in inches lost.
4 weeks means
I’ve weighed myself today and I will weigh myself again on Monday, October 2.
I’ve set a lil reminder in my phone and hopefully I will see a big loss in pounds, and also a big loss in inches.
I have measured:
1) Thighs
2) Arms
3) Waist
4) Bust
Ideally I am hoping for about 11 or 12 lb lost but hey ho as long as it goes down I’ll be happy.
I’ll try the dress on too… you never know…
Anyway I’ve gone off the point again, I never shut my mouth. The main point I was trying to make is that numbers on the scales should not determine how happy you are. I’ve had a lovely weekend, felt really confident. Don’t know what I’ve lost, just chose clothes that I liked and felt happy in myself. Something I’ve not felt for a long time.


This weekend I am running 10K in Yorks Race for Life.

6.2 Miles.

Thats a lot of running. Thats six Humber Bridges. I’m 0.4 miles from running the same distance of how high aeroplanes fly! (Standard flights fly at 6.6 miles of altitude)

Okay so I’m going to stop with the dramatics now.

Now I’m going to take you on a little trip down memory lane to year 6 sports day. I was a pretty chubby kid.

Chubby face at school haha

(I’m a pretty chubby adult but at school it was more noticeable).

And I really struggled with PE but I won one race. I remember my mum clapping and seeing a glint of shock horror in her eyes.
“SHES WON! SHES WON!” I could hear her cry.
Now this was the last activity of the day. It was a race where you had to balance a bean bag on your head and run to the finish line. And my mum had put my hair in a high ponytail that day. A high ponytail that just so happens to be the perfect shape for balancing a bean bag. I won by default because the beanbag did not fall off my head!

Fast forward a couple of years to Year 9 sports day. I had been asked to do a shot put and the relay race. Why? I have no idea. But they put me first in the relay race, purely so they could make up my time. And shot put? Don’t think I even got one metre.

Needless to say I am not the most athletic person but thats why this race means so much to me. I want to show people how much I am willing to put myself out in order to raise money. I have taken a leaf out of Martyns book, who last week threw himself off a 150 ft ledge for a bungee jump to raise money for OddBalls a testicular cancer charity.

The good thing about me running this 10k is that I will get claps all the way round the course (from my thighs!) and I get a cheat meal at the end of it. And of course so far (as of 06-07-17) I have raised £185 for cancer research.

I’m so proud of myself and grateful to everyone that has sponsored me. I promise I will not let you down and I will complete this race even if I do have to walk it/crawl it and it takes me until Christmas!

I am pretty gutted there isn’t some cheat like the bean bag race…

If you would like to sponsor me the link is to the page is HERE…. CLICK ME!

Think Thin!

It was my first weigh in las night and I am pleased to say I lost 5.5lb.  Hurray!! Normally I would celebrate with a Chinese or a pizza or whatever but I am trying so hard to protect my weight loss and make sure it comes off quickly so I went home and had beans on toast with cheese on top. (naughty!)

I’ve found this last week pretty easy. Everyone has said how they find late nights the hardest but not me. I find afternoons the hardest. I just want to go on my dinner at work and treat myself to a steak and cheese roll or a pork pie or a bar of chocolate and I’ve found it hard to feel satisfied with my pack up and that being it.

My “Don’t buy bad food” drawer at work. I guess it works a little.

I’ve also found the washing up to be a nightmare. I am using ore pots, pans and tuppaware than a family of six and I live on my own!

I’m really proud of some of the decisions I’ve made this week though for example I swapped my morning and night coffee for a detoxing peppermint tea with no caffeine which has made me feel a lot more energetic. I also turned down a McDonalds for a Jacket Potato with beans no butter no cheese. WOOHOO, that is dedication is that!

I have decided my goal this week is to lose 2.5 lb. I said at class 1.5lb to get me to my half a stone award but I think I can do better. Plus I have a 10k run this weekend followed by Tapas with Martyn but I think 6.2 miles might give me some leeway Syn’s wise and as long as I’m really good until then I can’t see a problem with a treat.

Last night was taster night at class and all I discovered was that I am mega boring! The members were making all of this exciting stuff and it made me realise the options with Slimming World free foods is endless you just need to use your imagination.

My mum started slimming world last week and she lost 5lb on Monday so we are both dead chuffed. I’m really proud of her but I keep telling her she doesn’t need to lose anything (she’s tiny!)




Tail between my legs, sorry Slimming World

Today I am restarting my slimming world journey. I cannot recommend Slimming World enough it’s just that I sadly thought I had beaten the diet and didn’t need one anymore but unfortunately I don’t have the metabolism or active lifestyle where I can eat whatever I want.

Now I am not blaming Martyn one little bit but since I have been with him I have put on a stone and a half. We have been eating out, going on days out where there has only been fast food and generally just enjoying ourselves.

A few weeks ago he started back on his diet and started going to the gym more and now it is time I do the same.

So here are my starting photos.

They are a hell of a lot better than my starting photos back in 2015 when I was at my heaviest but I still need to get at least two stone off so I feel comfortable.

July 2015 I was at my heaviest

I have a few milestones that I want to hit for certain times.

For example it’s Martyn’s sisters engagement party in three and a bit weeks and I’d like to be half a stone down for that! And then another half a stone down for the end of august. Then I will only have another stone to go. The problem with me is that I never hit my target weight at slimming world but I’m really hoping this time I can reach my target weight and stay there!

I’m also going back to my old ways and making a milestone reward chart! I love this because it really gives me something to aim for.

Milestone reward chart!

I’m so insecure and the problem is I am the only one who can do something about it. Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight knows that the worse part is finding the motivation to just make that first step, and then kept it.

I have kicked the smoking habit, and now I need to kick the bad eating habit because I am so so close to being the person I want to be.

My mum is always so supportive and makes me feel like I can do anything I put my mind too and Martyn reminds me constantly that what I see in the mirror is not what he sees, but I know that I need to do something to make me feel better about myself.

My rocks

So today is the day no more excuses! I have made a slimming world quiche which is so so tasty, cannot believe I forgot about them.


4 eggs

Half a tub of fat free cottage cheese

Half a tub of Quark

and whatever filling you want

Mix everything up, spray fry light in the dish and bang in the oven for 20 minutes. Voila!

Well thats it for tonight but I’m going to try and post updates regularly and maybe a few different recipe ideas I’m trying! Always new stuff going on at slimming world! Heres hoping this time next yearI will actually be a target member and look and feel a lot better.



Motivation Monday – BOOTEA day one

image1Right today is the day I started the BOOTEA 28 day Teatox. I’m not a skinny girl, I don’t claim to be a skinny girl. I have lost a lot of weight but I’m definitely not done yet. This time two years ago no lies I was 18 stone. I’m not proud of how big I got but I am proud that I lost the majority of that weight. I’m ready to lose another two stone though and I feel that a detox is just what I need. I don’t eat particularly unhealthy but I do eat a few naughty things.

Since I started my new job however I have made a conscious effort to only take pack up and not buy anything bad. But I have on a couple of occasions snuck in a chocolate bar, or got caught up in a sausage sandwich hype.

But today no. I have been really really good. I started the day with the Day tea they Bootea provide you with. I’m not a tea lover whatsoever I’m coffee through and through and I’m going to be honest with you all, if you are like me and don’t drink tea very much it is not enjoyable. I think it tasted like the lemon water you wash your hands in at the Indian if you’ve ordered a mixed kebab. The herbs (do you call them herbs in the bag?) had an aroma of a mild coronation chicken sandwich crossed with a very flavourful pasta dish.

I also purchased the porridge, and I’m going to be fair to Bootea, this one is my bad… The instructions tell you to add hot water and stir for 30 seconds. I added the hot water and forgot about it for about 13 minutes. So Bootea I’m sorry for ruining your product.

After I ate my wallpaper paste I’d created I have to admit I was full. I didn’t get hungry until about 1pm which was a novelty for me because usually I would have eaten my pack up by then, so I enjoyed my tuna pasta and then had my tea around 7pm. I didn’t have my night time tea today because I didn’t fancy pooing through the eye of the needle tonight and that tea contains Senna which is a well known laxative. You take this one every other day so I thought I’d give my body a rest as it is already in shock that I didn’t have ice cream after my meatballs and vegetables for tea.

So far I don’t think this is going to be too hard but what I would suggest is drinking a lot of water as I have felt mega dehydrated all day, and also I would probably add extra exercise to your day just so it has a boost and your not disappointed at the end of it, even if its just an extra ten minutes walking the dog or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Anything extra you do is going to be beneficial.

I’ll update you on how I’m doing next Monday, hopefully I’ll be a size ten toned athlete by then!