I’m a Scummy Horrible Newspaper Journalist

It has kicked off massively with all this Jack Maynard stuff.

If you have been living under a rock basically a youtube vlogger who is the brother of a sort-of singer has been taken out of I’m a Celebrity for a series of tweets that contain racial/homophobic slurs.

(That’s how the tabloids have described him using the N-word anyway. *rolling my eyeeees*)

Anyway, he’s been pulled out of the jungle so he can defend his actions.

And then I was listening to my local radio station this morning and the presenter said something along the lines of what kind of “scummy horrible newspaper journalist” scrolls through someones twitter feed just to find a story.

Truth bomb, every single newspaper journalist.

I am far from offended by this comment. Last week I was called a tosser and a fat arse so to put me in a scummy-non-sweary category was a nice change to be honest.

I don’t think you can appreciate until you’ve worked in media how much pressure there is to create interesting content for people to consume.

I mean I am far from a tabloid reporter but I’ve looked through twitter feeds of new influential people in the area if its close to deadline and I haven’t written anything remotely close to a front page. Just as my colleagues have and will continue to do. And why? Because the public will read it, and the public have a right to know what is being published on social media. End of.

Journalist get a bad reputation for being vultures and negative but thats only because people spread negative things.

A lot of journalists do really brilliant work. For example this.

It’s an interactive report dedicated to victims and survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

This will have taken hours, days weeks of investigation to create such a personal report on each individual. I personally feel they have done a brilliant job of capturing the essence of these people and the sheer terror of that night.

Journalists are called scummy because the only thing that people remember is the bad, they don’t remember those happy pieces, the emotive pieces and they focus on the negative.

Journalists cater to the masses. I’m a celebrity has over 10million viewers and journalists know that the viewers will be interested to read anything to do with it. It’s common sense. They are going to run the story because it will sell papers.

I got into journalism because I wanted to communicate with the masses about things that matter, and amidst the press releases and twitter scrolling, I do get to do that.

I get to give charities a voice who otherwise maybe wouldn’t.

I am allowed to give someone and outlet to speak their opinion in a controlled environment.

Sometimes I feel I get to make a difference to someone.

And I do good work, I help the environment, I get involved in fundraising, I give to charity, I donate to food banks and charity shops. But sometimes in my job I scroll through twitter to find something that other journalists might have missed and I write a story.


Is it my fault that someone has previously written something controversial who is an influencial person to the masses?

So yeah, just wanted to put my two pence in. Doesn’t mean I will stop listening to that radio station, because I know that a lot of the listeners will have agreed and it’s the presenters job to appeal to the masses.

And on the same note a little tip is to know that everything that you put online leaves a footprint and it doesn’t matter how many times you delete it nothing stays erased for long. So be kind.


Ten Reasons: Autumn is Bloody Brilliant

I cannot believe it is the last day of August. To me that says it’s the last day of summer and we are now going to have to resign ourselves to the fact that bare legs and flip flops are no longer acceptable. And dig out those sweatshirts, wooly tights and boots. (YES!!)

I love autumn, because you get all the good parts of winter without freezing your tits off. (That’s a technical term by the way for the temperature dropping below 5 degrees celsius).
Thought I’d treat us all to a listicle of why we should look forward to autumn and wave goodbye to summer.

Ten Reasons Why Autumn is Bloody Brilliant.
1) Telly gets good on a Saturday again. Apart from the fact that Harry Potter has been shown all summer there is absolutely naff all to look forward to. I don’t care if you love or hate X-factor, its part of British law that on a Saturday : “Thou shalt sit down with a takeaway and listen to Simon Cowell insult people.”

2) Covering body parts. Hurray! It is no longer acceptable for Mr Smith down the road to walk to the shop with his hairy back and beer belly out! And you don’t have to worry about ‘slimming for that summer body’ rubbish anymore. Do you know why? Because it’s going to be covered in 300 layers of wool! Another positive is because you’re legs are thick with tights and jeans you can go a few more days without shaving your legs and no one will know. I won’t tell if you don’t!

3) Stews. YES OMGOMGOMG. I can stick some veg and meat and gravy in a slow cooker, go to work and that is acceptable to eat for the next three days. I will eat stew until it comes out of my eyeballs. I don’t ever get bored, this week its chicken, next it’s beef, I’m having this one with Yorkshire puds, tomorrow dumplings… amazing! So many options. I think I’m going to bring out a stew recipe book because I just think it’s so underrated! Easy and healthy **

**healthy if you don’t stick loads of gravy in it or have your bowl made up of 75% dumpling.

4)Flavours. This seems a bit weird but you can guarantee that September rolls around, and all the good flavoured stuff comes out. Costa and Starbucks start doing pumpkin and cinnamon and ginger and all that jazz. And my mum shouts at me for this but all the good flavoured candles come out too!(“They are called scents Rochelle, not flavours!”” Yeah yeah.)

5) Dark nights. YEY! On one night in October we get an extra hour in bed and I won’t feel guilty going to bed at 8pm because its dark outside! You’re allowed! And dark nights mean its getting a little colder so I can finally put my heating on. (I’ve been freezing for about 2 months but its not acceptable to have your heating on Summer and people judge you alot.)

6) I don’t have to paint my toe nails until next March because I will be living in tights and boots. I won’t even know what my feet look like. I will put socks on in a morning, come home and replace socks with slippers and then the cycle repeats. Im glad I don’t have hairy toes because by the time spring came around I’d be tripping over it haha!

7)Halloween. I absolutely love halloween. I love a good halloween night out, and going out looking as ugly as I possibly can and not caring! I also really like sweets and everyone has sweets around halloween time! Last year I went out at zombie Beauty from Beauty and the beast and let me tell you, I did not look beautiful. My friend spent about 2 hours doing my make up to look like I’d been killed by the beast, and I had black contacts in which had dried up half way through the night and were just scratching my iris but I still had the best night!

8) Bonfire Night. Martin think’s I’m a bit sad because all fireworks are the same ra ra ra… but I love fireworks. I always get all goosebumpy and emotional when I watch them. I also really like hotdogs… haha why does everything seem to revert back to food with me?? Anyway yeah hotdogs, toffee apples, burgers, jacket potatoes.

9) You are one season away from Christmas! YEYYY. I love Christmas. I love buying Christmas presents and that’s socially acceptable in autumn too because all the christmassy bits come out in the shops! I saw a Christmas tree in a pub a couple of days ago and we are in August so another two weeks and I will be knee deep in tinsel I’m sure of it!

10) I’m combining a few more of my favourite things but under the collective header of nature! Conkers, fallen leaves and spiders. Right… hear me out, I am not the biggest fan of spiders but do you know what I hate more? Mosquitoes and moths and daddy longlegs and when the spiders come back the flies piss off! Good Riddance! I am sick of being bitten from head to toe! The fallen leaves still look pretty and haven’t turned into a stodgy mess yet and I miss conker collecting so so much!!

Six Relatable Moments for Twenty-Somethings.

I had a moment earlier this week that happens to other people and I always think they are taking the Mickey.
I forgot how old I was.

My mum has genuinely rang me (on several occasions) and said “Rochelle? How old am I again? I cant remember?” And I’ve told her, and then thought silly sod who forgets their age?
This week it happened. I could not remember.

And I blame it on ages not being significant for decades at a time.
So when you are 10 its all oooh double figures, 13 oooh you’re a teenager. 16 ooh you can legally have… a lottery ticket. 17 oooh you can drive. 18 oooh you can drink. 21 key to the door.

I’m 24 (I’ve worked it out… eventually) So for three years I’ve had bog standard birthday ages. You don’t get a birthday party for 23, or a novelty cake for 24. And now its dawned on me, in six months time I’m no longer in my “early twenties”. I’ll be half way to fifty, in my late twenties.

So in honour if this realisation I’ve decided to write down SIX significant things that I think all “early twenties” will relate to.
1) Your friend group gets suddenly shorter smaller thinner and that is OK.
Believe me I know everyone says this but it really is quality over quantity. I definitely don’t have a huge group of friends but I have some people that I know it doesn’t matter what crisis I’m in they will always be just a phone call away. Or a text if I’m feeling particularly vulnerable.
2) You become more comfortable in your skin. So what if you only get 2 likes on your Facebook status and one of them is your mum, you posted it because you liked it. You wore that outfit because you feel nice in it not because you are trying to impress anyone.

3) You have the “What the hell am I doing with my life” meltdown at some point. And if you don’t have that meltdown you’re a liar.
4) You and the people you used to get pissed with start doing grown up things, like getting married, buying houses moving abroad, having babies, getting careers. And it’s scary. These are the people you shared a bottle of cider on a field with, copied homework off, signed their shirt in permanent marker so it stained their skin and now they are adults, wearing suits and making little people. It’s scary and creepy and weird and I don’t feel old enough!
5) You finally know what it’s like to be skint. And I mean SKINT! I once lived for a week on 94p. And that saying £1000 is not a lot of money to have but is a lot of money to owe is so so true. I could quite easily squander away £1000 on cleaning products, home decor and clothes in one good shopping session but if I owed it, it would probably take me about a year to pay back!
6) Everything aches. I can’t go a day without making some oooh ahhh sound. And hangovers, they last days and days and days. And going on a school night is ALWAYS a rocky error and you will feel it for days afterwards.



Ten Things That Make Me Irrationally Angry

I’ve been suffering lately with some anger issues. I spent tonight with my friend ranting and moaning and to be honest I was quite glad she felt the same. Now let me tell you, I do not get mad about rational things, oh no. I get mad at irrational things that should just skim over my head.

So here are ten things that are making me irrationally angry at the moment:

  1. Magpies. I am sick to death of saluting those black and white beaky buggers. I wish they would just find a partner or three so i didn’t have to salute and say “Hi Mr Magpie, How’s the family?” midway through sentences like an absolute looney. In fact I’m not mad at the magpies. I’m mad at whoever it was that told me that stupid rule!
  2. Radio adverts. I don’t know who designs these adverts but I feel like they have a personal vendetta with me. I spend 2 hours a day in the car with the radio and all the stations play the adverts at the same time for starters. and then when i finally give in and listen to the adverts they are the most irritating people or songs. I know I’m not the only person that gets annoyed with this, I spoke to my friend and she confirmed I am not alone in this.
  3. My hair is at the shouldery length that doesn’t stay straight when you straighten it. I straighten it, it looks nice. I move a millimetre its kinked upwards. WHY! Why can’t you just stay where you’re supposed to! I had you cut to keep you in good condition can’t you just pay me a little respect?
  4. Facebook videos. I know i only have myself to blame but why do I go to bed early only to watch forty five videos and then look at the clock and its midnight! Why can’t I stop watching them? And some of them I’ve seen several times and I’m still there watching them and before I know it I’ve liked there pages watching their first video from 2008. and also a side note to Facebook videos, the 30 second advert I have to watch for the 8 second video. Really???
  5. When you only have one item and that person with the trolley load to feed a family of six doesn’t say “Would you like to go in front?” I understand it is not my god given right to go in front of them, I know they were here first but Jesus Christ I just want to get my milk and go home! (I have been told by Martyn that I am being ridiculous about this one. The conversation we had about this lasted the car journey home from the supermarket… where we chose the self serve…cos he didn’t want to wait….)
  6. That person at the petrol station that you are waiting behind. First of all they don’t pay at the pump, (getting a little mad but maybe he doesn’t have his card on him it’s okay Rochelle breathe) but then you spy them through the window buying crisps, and pop, AND A LOAF OF BREAD!! AND A MAGNUM! ARE YOU KIDDING ME MISTER! I WANT MY FUEL! Oh he’s here, wrong person phew.
  7. People who when they are in a queue, scotch up behind me even though i haven’t moved forward yet. You have just earnt yourself a longer wait because I am going to take my sweet ass time now thank you.
  8. This isn’t one that everyone can relate to I understand that but I’m sure there’s some people that can empathise. Number eight for me is people that call me Michelle. Now let me be clear there is nothing wrong with the name Michelle. But it is not my name. My name is ROchelle. And I correct people around 6758 times a week. It drives me insane so if anyone can tell me a way I can say my name differently so people don’t get confused that would be brilliant because I don’t know how I am going to cope.
  9. This happened to me this week and I’ve never been so angry. I got up, I got dressed and when downstairs. I fed Henry and stepped back and stepped in something wet. They were fresh tights. I stepped in egg. Now I have to go ALL the way back upstairs and change them and wash these ones! When did I spill egg!?!
  10. Middle-lane-hoggers. Oh yeah. You know who you are. If I’m catching you up in the slow lane guess what matey? You’re in the wrong effing lane. Move over or speed up. Because now I have to cross two lanes to overtake you and get back in the slow lane. So annoying and i will recite your registration number the whole time. I won’t do anything with it because I will immediately forget it the second I leave the car but be warned! I may one day remember!

That was like therapy! Felt so good getting all that off my chest. Please help me out and let me know that I am not the only one that gets angry over stupid things like this? Leave a comment!

Martyn will start you all off, he gets irrationally angry when I forget what I’m about to say.

Ten Things you will relate to if you’ve lived by yourself.

I am celebrating year two of living by myself.

I initially moved out with an ex boyfriend but that lasted all of two months and since then I have lived by myself.

Well I’ve had my pooch but basically on my own. I’ve learnt so much in those two years and it’s been a real eye opener but i wouldn’t change it for the world. And this little anniversary has inspired me to write a little blog to all you independent women out there, I know you’ll get this.

Ten things you will understand if you’ve ever lived by yourself.

  1. Naked runs become naked leisurely strolls. Who are you rushing for? Take your time, embrace your bare bum and stroll to the bedroom. I don’t even towel dry anymore. I just air dry. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that…
  2. if you run out of toilet roll you are screwed. I’m sorry that so far these are just bathroom related things… but yeah if you run out of toilet roll, theres no shouting for help you are drip drying and finding it yourself. Gross but theres got to be some down sides…
  3. You can watch what you want, when you want and then when you have visitors who watch other things you resent them a little bit. “What do you mean you want to watch big bang theory? Coronation street is on!”
  4. Cooking is hard. Everything comes in pairs and you waste a lot of food. I  waste so much stuff that I’ve started to freeze milk… that is so sad. In fact when people visit they are pretty disappointed because I never have anything in.

    This was my roast for one.

  5. You have to learn DIY quickly; and I’m not talking about becoming a great carpenter or electrician, I mean you have to learn which superglue to buy to stick  your curtain pole up quickly, or learn that blu-tac will keep that pesky opening cupboard shut. My boyfriend can vouch for my DIY skills.
  6. People who moan about paying lodge irritate the shit out of you. Oh you’re skint in your full time job where all you pay is £200 a month tell me how that hard is again?
  7. You aren’t scared of the dark at all… unless you have watched a scary movie on your own and realise you’re the perfect victim for a horror film and run to your bed and hide under the covers.
  8. Bedtime is weird, and even though you are by yourself you still have a stern word with yourself like you’re parents would have done if you were still at home.
  9. Cleaning is no longer a chore but just an everyday ritual without you even knowing your doing it. Apart from when you have to use a new dishcloth, that’s a good day. I like those days. Or when you find a new cleaning product on offer and you need to find excuse to try it out.
  10. Watching a TV series is fine because you haven’t got anyone getting mad that you’ve watched it without them or anyone wanting the TV while you are watching it.

So there you have it. I’m sure most people can relate. And I’m not saying I want to live on my own forever but I certainly can cope. You really do have to learn things along the way but I feel like I’m a more rounded person because of it. It’s really important to me before I make a decision to live with someone that I am doing it because I want to not because I have to and that’s why I believe everyone should live by themselves at some point, I don’t rely on anyone.**

**(maybe my mum buys me those pesky toilet rolls when I forget now and then but I have two toilets it’s hard to remember both!)

Honesty is the Best Policy

girls-462072_1920As children we were supposed to be led by example but lies that were fed to us range from mythical creatures to the meaning of words. But does it actually have an effect on us long term? When I learnt from a survey that the modern parent tells 3000 white lies in a child’s life I felt that I had to research deeper into it! (mirror 2008)

I am not suggesting that all lies are dangerous, and I am using the word “lie” in the loosest sense of the word, but as children we were all misinformed in someway and hidden from the truth. I suppose some parents feel that if their children don’t know the truth that they are protected from the awful sights and experiences of the real world. Children see few faults with their own reality until they are exposed to new social encounters such as school.

From what I can remember as a child, schools were very cautious with what they said and what they didn’t say, and personally, I never found myself feeling threatened or vulnerable by the new (or rather hidden) facts and information of the world. Many children pick up on incongruity and as I’m sure you know to be a liar, you have to have a good memory to keep up with the web you weave. It is no different for parents and their little white lies.

Sometimes there are negative effects; for example if a lie is found out it could break a parent-child bond that is based on trust. A child may feel deceived or hurt that the reality that the parent has created for their child isn’t completely based on truth. After all, the nibbled carrot you left out on Christmas Eve turning out to be your mothers midnight snack is a little disappointing by anyone’s standards.

Is it tradition that forces these lies? Were our parents’ parents lied to? Magical creatures such as the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny are international traditions in some cultures and it could be argued that with such great numbers of children believing in them it would be cruel to deny children of this fairy tale.

Television programmes aimed at children often convey a perfect world and often contain far-fetched characters with problems that can eventually be solved, for example “Teletubbies” which was a big hit in the nineties. It included four cuddly creatures (Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po) whose problems peaked at PO spilling ‘tubby custard’. Even this programme was challenged by parents for the femininity shown by one of the supposed male characters.

The big question is: are we concealing children from too much? It’s understandable that parents don’t want their sons and daughters to know every notch on their bed post and to tell a toddler that their drawing isn’t very nice would be heartless but do they have a right to deny children of information if it is directly asked for, After all as my Mother said to me whilst handing me a bag of sweets and a book on the birds and the bees… “If you’re old enough to ask, you’re old enough to know!”

Any child psychologists believe “parenting by lying” as it is often called, is ruthless when teaching children that honesty is the best policy. Parents argue that it is not unnecessary to lie if in the long run it inspires a child to be a better person. Influencing a child’s behaviour through the form of an imaginary creature or a made-up illness is a technique used throughout Europe and America. For instance “if you tell a lie your nose will grow”.

Many stand-up comedians use these child hood experiences as material for their shows. Jason Manford, for example, explains that his father would ring up a police officer( his Grandad) when he had been behaving badly and he was told if he didn’t start being well-behaved he would go to prison. He tells the audience that he didn’t find out about this lie until his little brother had done something wrong and he received a phone call addressing him as “Chief Inspector Williams of greater Manchester Police” to which he replies “I will not be part of your lie old man”

One of the negative effects of lying to a child is that if that child lies should they be punished? Are they just leading by example or rebelling through lack of trust? Fortunately there are not many children that have the attitude of “my parent’s did that so I’m going to do that” and in many cases children stray away from bad behaviour.

Lies are a fact of life and everyone has been lied to or has lied in the past but words such as “fib” and “porky” to make light of the situation does not make it any less of a lie. Many parents are often guilty of this when owning up to their own mishaps and in the light of day this is still bending the truth.

As a child I ate spinach and Carrots incessantly and to this day I have never grown muscles like Popeye or seen perfectly in the dark. I have even pulled faces when the wind changes and I still look the same. As I have matured I don’t believe I have been scarred by the things I have been told, or the things I wasn’t told because in the end, lies always get found out.


BREAKING NEWS: All of my social media is a big fat lie.
No, I’m not lying, it really is.
It’s something we are all guilty of without even realising.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 12.57.16

Both pictures have filters…Guilty!

My Facebook is full of my good memories, funny stories, happy birthdays and generally upbeat happy stuff. For example I recently shared my race for life picture after completing the 10k in York. It was all smiles and well done’s and congratulations. Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 12.48.14What I failed to mention was that paramedics rushed to my aid because I collapsed at the finish line.

We are the editors of our social media, and we choose what we want other people to see about our lives and subsequently this can mean people often feel inadequate because they don’t feel like they measure up.
I’m guilty of it too. I look at people who are my age or even younger and they seem like they have got their lives together and they have perfect relationships with friends and partners but they are editing their social media too. They aren’t going to put “Just bought a house with my boyfriend but he’s doing my bloody head in at the moment and I can’t wait to get the spare bed in so he can move in there” because if they did people would judge them and thats what everyone is afraid of.

Deep down everyone wants to be liked or be looked at in a good light. I don’t care who you are no one likes being the butt of a joke or gossip and we manipulate the information we put out on social media accordingly.

I am definitely guilty of thinking “God you didn’t need to share that one Facebook, thats a bit too much information” but at least the people who do share their world, good and bad are being honest.

I suppose it’s a little bit like when you are filling in your CV. You wouldn’t put that your hobbies are eating full packets of Jaffa cakes in one sitting, and your greatest achievement was holding in a trump for three days.

A report was released recently that said that people are lying about travelling and events to make themselves sound more interesting and fit in with the rest of their peers and that makes me so sad. No one should ever feel like they have to lie to fit in.

Another thing we edit is our pictures. Instead of capturing the moment, we are capturing what we think is the most aesthetic moment to other people and it’s so not necessary.
And filters on profile pictures, I’m really not trying to make anyone feel bad about this because I love a filter! But it always makes me think about a meme that was shared that says if any of us go missing we are screwed because none of us look like our profile pictures.stop-editing-your-pics_o_5144143

So maybe us girls (because I think we are predominantly more likely to get jealous and edit our lives, should try two things.
1) be a bit more honest with ourselves, you don’t have to share it on Facebook but let’s not exaggerate how good something is and…
2) Lets step back a bit and realise no ones life is completely perfect and everyone you have on your Facebook will be fighting their own personal battles, whether they choose to share that or not.
I wasn’t going to add a third but I think I will. Maybe we should all have a day off social media and live in the now so we can appreciate our own lives instead of constantly comparing it to someone else’s.

Make-up Makes me Poor

I read so many different lifestyle blogs and all I do while I’m reading them is feel inadequate.

Especially make-up, hair and beauty blogs. Now don’t get me wrong I love make up tips, hair style advice and I love learning new techniques but I just cannot afford those products!

I work full time, but I live by myself and only have my income which goes on rent, bills and food. The little money I have at the end of the month tends to go in a saving pot for a holiday next year with my boyfriend.

I have been using the same mascara since Christmas. I know thats gross and before you all start with how I’m gonna get an eye infection ra ra ra. It’s not dried up so I’m still using it! I buy foundation from B&M for £3.99 or if I’m feeling flush I will get a Rimmel foundation for £6.99 if its on offer. I have absolutely no idea what that clear serum stuff people apply to there face before make up so I’m currently using a £3 primer I bought from an outlet store.

Anyway the point I’m trying to make is when I go out and do my make up I don’t feel ugly, I feel really nice which means that you don’t need the best of the best to look amazing.


Make up done with “budget” brands and I felt nice and had great coverage!

The best thing I could suggest investing in is Maybelline Superstar 24H Setting Spray. It costs about a fiver and it really does ensure your make up stays in place all day. The only thing I would suggest is you shake it really well before use because I sprayed it and went out and it had left white powder all over my face! My fault though as it does state on the spray shake very well before use. (Oops!)

Anyway back to the point, don’t be fooled into buying really expensive make up, it might be a good product but make up is not an essential and you can have just as nice make up without making yourself poor for the rest of the month.

Why You Should Visit a Medium

image1I went to see a medium last week and it was exactly as I had hoped it would be.

Now if you don’t believe in this sort of thing you can probably stop reading now because it doesn’t matter what I say you aren’t going to believe it! It really is a personal experience that I recommend everyone do at least once.

I wasn’t fully a believer and I needed to know that what she was saying was real so I never gave her any information about me so she couldn’t Facebook me or google me or find out anything about me.

I walked in and immediately felt calm and comforted. The room was decorated in purple with a thick cream pile carpet and a sofa with fur throws. I sat with the lady who was going to do my reading and she asked if I had brought an object of significance with me. I was mad because I really wanted to take in my Grandads hankie but I couldn’t find it in the morning so instead I took in his Nokia 3310 which still had his voice mail on.

She sat with the mobile in her hand for a little while and eventually looked me in the eye and said “63 is no age to die” For her to get something so right spooked me but also validated that my Grandad was still around me.

My Grandad and I were very close. My first memory is running up his drive to see him, and then washing his car on Saturday afternoon. He came to live with my mum and I and he really was my best friend. He was exactly what you would hope a Grandad would be. He loved carpentry and had a workshop and would make me whatever I wanted. He built me and my cousin dolls houses, and would build little ramps for me to ride my bike down. He wasn’t a great cook, so when my mum was at work he would cook beans on toast in his special way (two round of toast, one piece cut into triangles that went on the side of the plat and the other cut into tiny squares and the beans poured on top).

She went on to say lots more things that confirmed she was not making this up. She told me that my grandad was with his mum and gave me the name Mona which was his mum’s name. Also told me he was with a fluffy dog who had passed. My dog spot had passed away and he never really got over the death of my Grandad. My mum and I went on holiday with my mum’s partner and his kids to Florida when I was 12. We said goodbye to my Grandad at about 3am and headed to Manchester airport for the holiday of a lifetime but on the third day of our break my Grandad died. 63 years old and no explanation as to why. His heart just stopped beating.I can tell you that somedays I still feel as sad as the day I found out. I truly miss him every day.

So that’s why I wanted to visit a medium. She told me that my Grandad was proud of my new career and with that I started crying. All I ever wanted was to make him proud and for her to say that, it made me feel like I had achieved every goal I’d ever set out to do. She told me things that brought back memories like drinking pretend gin and tonic with him, and reading books with him.

Once she had told me everything she could about my Grandad she started talking about me. About my decisions, my future and things that I should watch out for and be careful of. The first of those things is she said I was in a new relationship and that I have to accept the love that he gives me (much to my boyfriends amusement) and that he is a good man. (I happen to agree with her.)19424344_697738380411182_7573777897037306074_n

She also told me I need to learn to say no more which is definitely a trait I feel that I am lacking, and told me that I need to tell my mum to “plant the rose bush again”. Well I told my mum and this weekend she has been planting rose bushes next to my Grandads tribute just in case!

So yeah, I think that some people do have a gift and even if she was bluffing it was really nice to hear. And sometimes you just need a little reassurance that you are on the right path and you are making someone proud.

I Wanted To Be a Vet…

I got talking to someone at work yesterday about jobs and what career paths we have been on. It got me thinking about previous jobs and how journalism has always been the only option in reality.

I’m going to take you back to when I was about three or four. I spent weekends with my dad and from a young age my dad taught me to respect animals and would always make comments to family and friends saying “Rochelle is going to be a vet one day!” And it stuck.

 So anyway back to four year old me. I had found a snail in the garden, I think this must have been my first encounter with a snail because I ran into my Grandma’s house screaming for my dad to come outside and see what i found. As I ran back outside to show him, I crushed said snail under my tiny Clarks shoe. My dad has since told me I cried, for quite a long time.

He took me to a big country park to cheer me up the next weekend and there was loads of animals there, that thankfully I couldn’t reach and hurt! And then this big white bird appeared on the lake and I said to my dad “Look at the size of that duck!”. It was a swan.

Fast forward a few years I got my first job in pet shop to gain a bit of work experience with animals. I opened up the shop, fed all of the animals, cleaned them out , made sure they all had water and looked fit and healthy. Then there was the poorly animals in a room upstairs and I spent the rest of my shift nursing them. My favourite was this really fat rabbit called Roger. After a few weeks of Roger being on a strict diet, Roger gave birth to 3 baby rabbits. Roger was re-named Jessica quite swiftly. And I adopted one of the baby rabbits, Millie.

Then came the summer of adoptions. I was given twenty quid every Saturday for my eight hours hard graft and with this twenty pounds, I started purchasing animal after animal. I had four rabbits and a hamster. My mum quickly put her foot down. But then I was overwhelmed with all the cleaning out and the food consumption and my twenty pounds just wasn’t stretching so unfortunately I had to give my rabbits to my cousins.


Me and a horse who wasn’t scared of me.

In the same year I had the opportunity to take my English GCSE early (Year 9 rather than Year 11) I came out with a B grade which at the time was impressive for a 13 year old but I still re took it in my final year to come out with an A*. At this point I was not doing so well in biology and chemistry. In fact I found them extremely hard and had to revise A LOT. But I never had to put much work in to English.

It wasn’t until college that I realised that being a vet just wasn’t for me. I finished first year with an E in biology and I had also learnt to drive. By my second month driving I had killed a magpie, a rabbit and a mouse. I think the problem was I just loved them too much.


Here I am trying to befriend a baby cow

Then I had the heart wrenching decision of what was I going to do with my life if I couldn’t be a vet. I had to speak to a lot of people including my Dad and let him down gently. After speaking to my mum she told me about how when I was a kid I didn’t really play with toys. I would pick a book over a toy any day. And how I would never argue with my mum if I was told off, I would write letters and send them down the stairs.

It was only then that I realised it had always been English. I needed to revise like I revised for biology but for a subject that came naturally and I knew then, that journalism is what I wanted to get into.


Probably best I stick to this.

A book I’ve read recently described journalism as the one night stand of writing because you give it all away in the first sentence. And that’s why I love journalism because you can write for the masses. You can write a piece that everyone will understand and there is no suspense. There is so much structure to follow in journalism and I like that for work because I can completely ignore these structures when I write for fun. The confines help me identify between work and leisure.

And just in case I needed any more confirmation that I took the right career path, on the way home from work, I killed a duck.