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Get Well Soon

With all the change in weather this year it was only a matter of time before I came down with the dreaded lurgy.

It started as it usually does with a sore throat and me trying to think back to when I was scream-singing in the car and then bam next day it hits you like a tonne of bricks.

I had to leave work early and take a couple of days off to recuperate as it was a particularly nasty cold with my sinuses and hearing being affected too.

But while I was getting better I made a mental list of things that I’m going to make sure I stock pile to make sure the next time I get poorly I’m prepared. I also think these things helped me heal a lot quicker. (Note I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical qualifications apart from being the first aider at work!)

So here is my how to survive a cold listicle.

1) make sure you have a shit load of tissues and bin close by.
Catch it bin it kill it! Then empty the bin again cos you’ve filled it.
But yes I cannot stress how important it is to throw the tissue away. If I’m surrounded by dirty tissues I feel dirty and unclean and even worse so just get rid as soon as you’ve used them.

2) dose up… and fast.

As soon as I feel even a hint of a cold I’m straight at it with lozenges, paracetamols, medicine, nasal sprays… basically anything that’s going to make it feel better.
My favourite go to products are any day and night capsules any brand is good, I need the caffeine from the day tablets and for night ones to just be paracetamol otherwise I’m awake all night.
Also buttercup medicine because it doesn’t taste gross and makes my throat feel better.
Strepsils. The honey and lemon flavour ones yes yes yes. Don’t take too many. I recently heard (not from my own experience thank the lord) that they have a real laxative effect if you take too many. You don’t want the squits as well as a cold.

3) drink lots of fluids

You need to flush it out your system and water is the way to do it. I’ve got to admit this is one I really struggle with because I don’t drink enough water and drink too much coffee but I always reap the benefits when I drink more water.

4) if you don’t feel well, rest.

From personal experience the worse thing you can do as the only person with a cold is go into work and infect the whole team. And your cold will last twice as long if you are battling through the day because you aren’t giving yourself enough chance to heal. Do everyone a favour, go home and rest.

5) create a nest.

If you have taken my advice and called in sick then make sure everything you need is within reach so you don’t have to keep getting out of bed. Magazines, books, remote, bottles of drink, fruit, tissues, medicines. I’ve had it all while I’ve been poorly, the only time I went out of my bedroom was to have my tea and go to the loo.

6) moisturise.

I can’t be the only person this happens to but when I’ve got a cold my skin feels gross. I like to wash my face with a baby wipe so it feels extra clean. Then moisturise it so it continues to feel hydrated. My favourite daily moisturiser is L’Oréal hydra genius because it makes my skin feel amazing. It always perks me up.
I like to wear a lot of lip balm too as my lips get really dry when I have a cold so just keep everything hydrated.
I also have to Vaseline my nose if I’ve had a cold because it goes all dry and peeling from so much tissue action.

7) have a nice hot bath or shower.
Again because your skin can feel really dull and dry and because you’ve been in bed all day a hot bath or shower is just the thing to make you feel better.
It feels extra relaxing because you know it will be doing you the world of good to just soak and it feels amazing to feel clean and not like the old people in Charlie and the chocolate factory.

8) stay warm.

I’m always cold anyway so I’m all for staying warm. I usually like to keep my room extra toasty by lighting some candles and my wax melts and it’s nice in-between sniffles to smell something fresh instead of that manky cold breath you get.
I also make sure I have lots of quilts and pillows and blankets so I’m fully covered and so I don’t get a chill.

9) invest in some good pjs.
I cannot tell you how much better I feel in a pair of matching pjs rather than some horrible odd ones that only half fit you and feel uncomfortable.
I always like to wear stretchy cotton ones because I just find them the comfiest. My current ones are from Sainsbury’s and they have seagulls on and they are really cute.
Link here: seagull jarmies

10) eat poorly food.

Finally but by no means least eat poorly food. Chicken soup, scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice, grapes.
Not because it will magically make you feel better but it’s that feeling of home comforts that will perk you up.
If your on a diet don’t worry about it while your I’ll because you’ve got enough on your plate without thinking about how many points or syns are in this that and the other. It’s only a couple of days.
Eat that toast, drink that fruit juice and come back stronger.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you feel better soon.

Seven Things Before 25

Next week I will be half way to 50. My 25th birthday has crept up so fast that I don’t feel as though I have had any time being 24.
I remember being 10 or 11-years-old thinking that 25 was practically ancient or that people who were 25 had their lives in order and knew exactly what they wanted or what they should have done by now.
But the older you get the more you realise that no one really knows what they are doing, and even though people give you advice they don’t know for definite if it is right. They are just muddling through life like we all are, making decisions we hope are right at the time. And they are also most definitely not old…yet.
So for this last week, I am reflecting on seven things I’m glad I’ve done by 25.
1) I’m happy I paid attention a school. Yes, it was boring not always going out at the time my friends were, and yes it was boring having MSN banned while I finished off a Romeo and Juliet dissection for English but I came out with good grades and it taught me some discipline.
2) I’m glad that I was bullied. Sounds weird but I’m glad that people were shitty and horrible to me because when I was younger I was such a wimp and I would cry at absolutely everything and now people can say horrible stuff to me and I can brush it off. Don’t get me wrong it hurts now and then but it’s made me into a much stronger person in the long run.
3) I’m pleased that I got so so drunk. This whole once bitten, twice shy thing is absolute rubbish. I have been bitten about 30 times and these past two years I have finally learnt my lesson. I know when enough is enough. And I *TRY* not to make a fool of myself anymore.
4) I’m glad I kissed a frog. Trying to make that sound as pleasant as possible but being with some horrible guys has made me appreciate everything I have found now in Martyn and I try and show him that every day. It’s made me grateful for Martyn and shown me exactly what a relationship should look like.
5) I’m happy that I have had (and lost) my own business. There are not many people who can say that they have had their own business, especially at the age of 19 and 20. And yep I lost it but my God it was worth every second and penny for that experience and it made closer than ever to friends and family.
6) I’m glad I went to Uni. I’m pleased that I can say I went but it doesn’t mean I liked it. In fact, University was the worse time of my life but again Je ne regrette rien. Everyone makes mistakes and mine was thinking that I should choose a university based on who I was dating rather than what I was studying. Lesson learnt! Glad I’ve done it!
7) I’m pleased that I have travelled so much because it makes me feel so fortunate. I’ve visited places that people dream of going to. The world is big place and I haven’t even scratched the surface but I’ve been on some big adventures and it’s made me want to know and experience more of it.
There’s so much more I could waffle on for but I’m gonna cut it here. Here’s to the next 25 years and to many more life lessons!


Ten Reasons: Autumn is Bloody Brilliant

I cannot believe it is the last day of August. To me that says it’s the last day of summer and we are now going to have to resign ourselves to the fact that bare legs and flip flops are no longer acceptable. And dig out those sweatshirts, wooly tights and boots. (YES!!)

I love autumn, because you get all the good parts of winter without freezing your tits off. (That’s a technical term by the way for the temperature dropping below 5 degrees celsius).
Thought I’d treat us all to a listicle of why we should look forward to autumn and wave goodbye to summer.

Ten Reasons Why Autumn is Bloody Brilliant.
1) Telly gets good on a Saturday again. Apart from the fact that Harry Potter has been shown all summer there is absolutely naff all to look forward to. I don’t care if you love or hate X-factor, its part of British law that on a Saturday : “Thou shalt sit down with a takeaway and listen to Simon Cowell insult people.”

2) Covering body parts. Hurray! It is no longer acceptable for Mr Smith down the road to walk to the shop with his hairy back and beer belly out! And you don’t have to worry about ‘slimming for that summer body’ rubbish anymore. Do you know why? Because it’s going to be covered in 300 layers of wool! Another positive is because you’re legs are thick with tights and jeans you can go a few more days without shaving your legs and no one will know. I won’t tell if you don’t!

3) Stews. YES OMGOMGOMG. I can stick some veg and meat and gravy in a slow cooker, go to work and that is acceptable to eat for the next three days. I will eat stew until it comes out of my eyeballs. I don’t ever get bored, this week its chicken, next it’s beef, I’m having this one with Yorkshire puds, tomorrow dumplings… amazing! So many options. I think I’m going to bring out a stew recipe book because I just think it’s so underrated! Easy and healthy **

**healthy if you don’t stick loads of gravy in it or have your bowl made up of 75% dumpling.

4)Flavours. This seems a bit weird but you can guarantee that September rolls around, and all the good flavoured stuff comes out. Costa and Starbucks start doing pumpkin and cinnamon and ginger and all that jazz. And my mum shouts at me for this but all the good flavoured candles come out too!(“They are called scents Rochelle, not flavours!”” Yeah yeah.)

5) Dark nights. YEY! On one night in October we get an extra hour in bed and I won’t feel guilty going to bed at 8pm because its dark outside! You’re allowed! And dark nights mean its getting a little colder so I can finally put my heating on. (I’ve been freezing for about 2 months but its not acceptable to have your heating on Summer and people judge you alot.)

6) I don’t have to paint my toe nails until next March because I will be living in tights and boots. I won’t even know what my feet look like. I will put socks on in a morning, come home and replace socks with slippers and then the cycle repeats. Im glad I don’t have hairy toes because by the time spring came around I’d be tripping over it haha!

7)Halloween. I absolutely love halloween. I love a good halloween night out, and going out looking as ugly as I possibly can and not caring! I also really like sweets and everyone has sweets around halloween time! Last year I went out at zombie Beauty from Beauty and the beast and let me tell you, I did not look beautiful. My friend spent about 2 hours doing my make up to look like I’d been killed by the beast, and I had black contacts in which had dried up half way through the night and were just scratching my iris but I still had the best night!

8) Bonfire Night. Martin think’s I’m a bit sad because all fireworks are the same ra ra ra… but I love fireworks. I always get all goosebumpy and emotional when I watch them. I also really like hotdogs… haha why does everything seem to revert back to food with me?? Anyway yeah hotdogs, toffee apples, burgers, jacket potatoes.

9) You are one season away from Christmas! YEYYY. I love Christmas. I love buying Christmas presents and that’s socially acceptable in autumn too because all the christmassy bits come out in the shops! I saw a Christmas tree in a pub a couple of days ago and we are in August so another two weeks and I will be knee deep in tinsel I’m sure of it!

10) I’m combining a few more of my favourite things but under the collective header of nature! Conkers, fallen leaves and spiders. Right… hear me out, I am not the biggest fan of spiders but do you know what I hate more? Mosquitoes and moths and daddy longlegs and when the spiders come back the flies piss off! Good Riddance! I am sick of being bitten from head to toe! The fallen leaves still look pretty and haven’t turned into a stodgy mess yet and I miss conker collecting so so much!!

One Day

I absolutely love the book and film ‘One Day’ (yes even Anne Hathaway’s terrible English accent) I can read that book over and over and cry at it every single time.

Basically the premise of the story is that the lives of Dexter and Emma are documented on the same day every year. I won’t go into any spoilers in case any of you haven’t read or seen the book/film (Why?).

This book is the one of the only thing my Dad and I truly bonded over because he absolutely loves it too. He read it for the first time about two years ago and we still talk about it over breakfast to this day.

So this post I’m going to show you one photo from August (I can’t be that good where I share the same day, past Rochelle wasn’t that organised) to see how much I have changed or grown etc.

Just tried to log in to bebo to see if I could go REALLLY far back but thats not a thing any more?!! Waahhh. I have no idea where those horrendous photos will end up. Probably resurface in 30 years time when duck faces, peace signs and taking the photo from a really high angle are back in fashion. *covering face in shame *

….Okay; just spent a good fifteen minutes searching for pictures and I’ve found some right corkers. I’ll be honest it’s pretty embarrassing but hey ho! Here we go.

August 2008.Aug 2008

This was my profile picture to everything. MSN, Bebo, Myspace, Facebook. I thought I was cool. I thought the angle and lighting was flattering. I didn’t notice my Dad’s bathroom products behind me, sexy.

August 2009
Aug 2009

Well this was my first house party that my mum let me have, and she manned the whole thing. At one point she said she counted 50 people in the back garden. By this point I’d finished school with some good grades and was looking forward to college for a fresh start. I’d had the worse end of year at school because of rumours etc and I’d just learnt how fun alcohol was and wahhh. Downward spiral!!

August 2010
Aug 2010

I’d learnt to drive in the July which was pointless because I was always out drinking at weekends and not allowed to drive (because drink driving is awful and I hate it!) My good GCSE grades were slowly slipping into average A level grades because I’d worked out that having a social life was much more fun. As you can see from the picture I’d also found out about hair extensions and eye liner. Infact eyeliner was the be all and end all. Every part of my bedroom carpet at the time was plastered in little blackouts from where I had sharpened the pencil and left shavings everywhere. My mum must have LOVED this phase.

August 2011Aug 2011

Awwwh I like this photo. I was on my way to uni to have a look around and meet some people. By this point I’d found out I was going to Leeds met. I’d stepped my game up and got some good A level grades. I had started going out with someone from Leeds (which ended not that long after this picture was taken actually!) and I’d just started my job in Leeds ready for Uni. Moving out from my mums was the saddest and hardest thing I ever did. I remember crying all the way up the M62 uncontrollably and feeling incredibly lost without her.

August 2012Aug 2012

I’d finished my first year of university, and had the time of my life. I also had a summer job and met a lot of good people who I still class as best friends now. Even though we don’t see each other much I know that when I do see them we can pick up exactly where we left off. This picture was taken by my friend Emma when I’d taken her to Leeds for a big weekend Sesh. Sesh meaning one night, then we were done in and spent the rest of the weekend in a little nest recovering. I though by this age I’d have maybe grown out of duck face pouting but obviously not.

Aug 2013Aug 2013

Left university, got a job as a bar maid/journalist/jewellery shop assistant and then quit all of those to run my own pub. MENTAL! So obviously because I’m such a grown up with my own business I chopped all of my hair off and gone all professional. This was my linked in photo for ages.

Rochelle Hughes, Entrepreneur.

HAHAHA, I ran the local pub, and I absolutely loved it. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t want that stress now, but the experience was amazing. Me and my mum grew really close too which I loved.

August 2014Aug 2014

Just got back from Las Vegas, which was the most mental experience ever. This year I also lost the pub and got it back and in the middle of that became an account manager… crazy few months but back in the pub and was loving it!

August 2015
Aug 2015

Ok so time to be honest. There was no picture from August 2015. There was a huge chunk of social media missing from July 2015 – October 2015 because I was so so depressed. I was in a job I absolutely hated, I wasn’t happy in a relationship I was in and I struggling with money. I hated the way I looked because I’d put on so much weight and every day was a struggle. So this picture here is from July 2015. I was on a hen do for a girl at work and I had such a good night with these girls even though I made an absolute TIT of myself and was the laughing stock for weeks! Such a good night.

August 2016
Aug 2016

I lost some weight, and became an independent woman! Learnt to love myself and was lucky enough to get my little fur baby Henry. I started at a different job closer to home and felt a bit better work wise. Dyed my hair purple and stuck a big middle finger up to the world. INDEPENDENT WOMAN I DON’T NEED NO MAN.

August 2017Aug 2017

So in November it turned out I wasn’t that independent, I didn’t know I needed anyone until I met Martyn and realised he was everything I was missing. So in this picture I am on the way to bingo with my friend who I’d not seen in ages. I’m so so so happy and I have to pinch myself that this is all real. I finally landed my permanent job in journalism. I have Martyn who means the world to me. I have my mum who is such a big help to me with Henry while I’m at work and I could not ask for more.

So there you go. Can’t believe how different these pictures are they are crazy!

Six Relatable Moments for Twenty-Somethings.

I had a moment earlier this week that happens to other people and I always think they are taking the Mickey.
I forgot how old I was.

My mum has genuinely rang me (on several occasions) and said “Rochelle? How old am I again? I cant remember?” And I’ve told her, and then thought silly sod who forgets their age?
This week it happened. I could not remember.

And I blame it on ages not being significant for decades at a time.
So when you are 10 its all oooh double figures, 13 oooh you’re a teenager. 16 ooh you can legally have… a lottery ticket. 17 oooh you can drive. 18 oooh you can drink. 21 key to the door.

I’m 24 (I’ve worked it out… eventually) So for three years I’ve had bog standard birthday ages. You don’t get a birthday party for 23, or a novelty cake for 24. And now its dawned on me, in six months time I’m no longer in my “early twenties”. I’ll be half way to fifty, in my late twenties.

So in honour if this realisation I’ve decided to write down SIX significant things that I think all “early twenties” will relate to.
1) Your friend group gets suddenly shorter smaller thinner and that is OK.
Believe me I know everyone says this but it really is quality over quantity. I definitely don’t have a huge group of friends but I have some people that I know it doesn’t matter what crisis I’m in they will always be just a phone call away. Or a text if I’m feeling particularly vulnerable.
2) You become more comfortable in your skin. So what if you only get 2 likes on your Facebook status and one of them is your mum, you posted it because you liked it. You wore that outfit because you feel nice in it not because you are trying to impress anyone.

3) You have the “What the hell am I doing with my life” meltdown at some point. And if you don’t have that meltdown you’re a liar.
4) You and the people you used to get pissed with start doing grown up things, like getting married, buying houses moving abroad, having babies, getting careers. And it’s scary. These are the people you shared a bottle of cider on a field with, copied homework off, signed their shirt in permanent marker so it stained their skin and now they are adults, wearing suits and making little people. It’s scary and creepy and weird and I don’t feel old enough!
5) You finally know what it’s like to be skint. And I mean SKINT! I once lived for a week on 94p. And that saying £1000 is not a lot of money to have but is a lot of money to owe is so so true. I could quite easily squander away £1000 on cleaning products, home decor and clothes in one good shopping session but if I owed it, it would probably take me about a year to pay back!
6) Everything aches. I can’t go a day without making some oooh ahhh sound. And hangovers, they last days and days and days. And going on a school night is ALWAYS a rocky error and you will feel it for days afterwards.



Ten Things That Make Me Irrationally Angry

I’ve been suffering lately with some anger issues. I spent tonight with my friend ranting and moaning and to be honest I was quite glad she felt the same. Now let me tell you, I do not get mad about rational things, oh no. I get mad at irrational things that should just skim over my head.

So here are ten things that are making me irrationally angry at the moment:

  1. Magpies. I am sick to death of saluting those black and white beaky buggers. I wish they would just find a partner or three so i didn’t have to salute and say “Hi Mr Magpie, How’s the family?” midway through sentences like an absolute looney. In fact I’m not mad at the magpies. I’m mad at whoever it was that told me that stupid rule!
  2. Radio adverts. I don’t know who designs these adverts but I feel like they have a personal vendetta with me. I spend 2 hours a day in the car with the radio and all the stations play the adverts at the same time for starters. and then when i finally give in and listen to the adverts they are the most irritating people or songs. I know I’m not the only person that gets annoyed with this, I spoke to my friend and she confirmed I am not alone in this.
  3. My hair is at the shouldery length that doesn’t stay straight when you straighten it. I straighten it, it looks nice. I move a millimetre its kinked upwards. WHY! Why can’t you just stay where you’re supposed to! I had you cut to keep you in good condition can’t you just pay me a little respect?
  4. Facebook videos. I know i only have myself to blame but why do I go to bed early only to watch forty five videos and then look at the clock and its midnight! Why can’t I stop watching them? And some of them I’ve seen several times and I’m still there watching them and before I know it I’ve liked there pages watching their first video from 2008. and also a side note to Facebook videos, the 30 second advert I have to watch for the 8 second video. Really???
  5. When you only have one item and that person with the trolley load to feed a family of six doesn’t say “Would you like to go in front?” I understand it is not my god given right to go in front of them, I know they were here first but Jesus Christ I just want to get my milk and go home! (I have been told by Martyn that I am being ridiculous about this one. The conversation we had about this lasted the car journey home from the supermarket… where we chose the self serve…cos he didn’t want to wait….)
  6. That person at the petrol station that you are waiting behind. First of all they don’t pay at the pump, (getting a little mad but maybe he doesn’t have his card on him it’s okay Rochelle breathe) but then you spy them through the window buying crisps, and pop, AND A LOAF OF BREAD!! AND A MAGNUM! ARE YOU KIDDING ME MISTER! I WANT MY FUEL! Oh he’s here, wrong person phew.
  7. People who when they are in a queue, scotch up behind me even though i haven’t moved forward yet. You have just earnt yourself a longer wait because I am going to take my sweet ass time now thank you.
  8. This isn’t one that everyone can relate to I understand that but I’m sure there’s some people that can empathise. Number eight for me is people that call me Michelle. Now let me be clear there is nothing wrong with the name Michelle. But it is not my name. My name is ROchelle. And I correct people around 6758 times a week. It drives me insane so if anyone can tell me a way I can say my name differently so people don’t get confused that would be brilliant because I don’t know how I am going to cope.
  9. This happened to me this week and I’ve never been so angry. I got up, I got dressed and when downstairs. I fed Henry and stepped back and stepped in something wet. They were fresh tights. I stepped in egg. Now I have to go ALL the way back upstairs and change them and wash these ones! When did I spill egg!?!
  10. Middle-lane-hoggers. Oh yeah. You know who you are. If I’m catching you up in the slow lane guess what matey? You’re in the wrong effing lane. Move over or speed up. Because now I have to cross two lanes to overtake you and get back in the slow lane. So annoying and i will recite your registration number the whole time. I won’t do anything with it because I will immediately forget it the second I leave the car but be warned! I may one day remember!

That was like therapy! Felt so good getting all that off my chest. Please help me out and let me know that I am not the only one that gets angry over stupid things like this? Leave a comment!

Martyn will start you all off, he gets irrationally angry when I forget what I’m about to say.

Ten Things you will relate to if you’ve lived by yourself.

I am celebrating year two of living by myself.

I initially moved out with an ex boyfriend but that lasted all of two months and since then I have lived by myself.

Well I’ve had my pooch but basically on my own. I’ve learnt so much in those two years and it’s been a real eye opener but i wouldn’t change it for the world. And this little anniversary has inspired me to write a little blog to all you independent women out there, I know you’ll get this.

Ten things you will understand if you’ve ever lived by yourself.

  1. Naked runs become naked leisurely strolls. Who are you rushing for? Take your time, embrace your bare bum and stroll to the bedroom. I don’t even towel dry anymore. I just air dry. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that…
  2. if you run out of toilet roll you are screwed. I’m sorry that so far these are just bathroom related things… but yeah if you run out of toilet roll, theres no shouting for help you are drip drying and finding it yourself. Gross but theres got to be some down sides…
  3. You can watch what you want, when you want and then when you have visitors who watch other things you resent them a little bit. “What do you mean you want to watch big bang theory? Coronation street is on!”
  4. Cooking is hard. Everything comes in pairs and you waste a lot of food. I  waste so much stuff that I’ve started to freeze milk… that is so sad. In fact when people visit they are pretty disappointed because I never have anything in.
    This was my roast for one.
  5. You have to learn DIY quickly; and I’m not talking about becoming a great carpenter or electrician, I mean you have to learn which superglue to buy to stick  your curtain pole up quickly, or learn that blu-tac will keep that pesky opening cupboard shut. My boyfriend can vouch for my DIY skills.
  6. People who moan about paying lodge irritate the shit out of you. Oh you’re skint in your full time job where all you pay is £200 a month tell me how that hard is again?
  7. You aren’t scared of the dark at all… unless you have watched a scary movie on your own and realise you’re the perfect victim for a horror film and run to your bed and hide under the covers.
  8. Bedtime is weird, and even though you are by yourself you still have a stern word with yourself like you’re parents would have done if you were still at home.
  9. Cleaning is no longer a chore but just an everyday ritual without you even knowing your doing it. Apart from when you have to use a new dishcloth, that’s a good day. I like those days. Or when you find a new cleaning product on offer and you need to find excuse to try it out.
  10. Watching a TV series is fine because you haven’t got anyone getting mad that you’ve watched it without them or anyone wanting the TV while you are watching it.

So there you have it. I’m sure most people can relate. And I’m not saying I want to live on my own forever but I certainly can cope. You really do have to learn things along the way but I feel like I’m a more rounded person because of it. It’s really important to me before I make a decision to live with someone that I am doing it because I want to not because I have to and that’s why I believe everyone should live by themselves at some point, I don’t rely on anyone.**

**(maybe my mum buys me those pesky toilet rolls when I forget now and then but I have two toilets it’s hard to remember both!)

Reverse Bucket List.

I am always trying to aspire to be more than what I am. The problem I seem to have is nothing is ever good enough, I want something, I get it, and then I want more. But I am trying my upmost to feel satisfied with what I have and make sure that I don’t rush and wish my life away. So that was my inspiration for this blog.

This is my reverse bucket list.

I have SOOO much I want to achieve but instead of wanting and hoping and wishing I’m going to take a step back and appreciate what I have already accomplished.

  1. I went to Florida and visited Disney Land. For those of you who have read my blog why you should visit a medium will know that I didn’t stay there for long but the fact is I went and it was as magical and wonderful as you could believe.883085_118021838382842_1884429123_o
  2. I adopted a dog. Well this might be a cheat but my mum and my grandad adopted him for me when I was 7. He was one when we got him and he lived to be 14. He was called Spot and I loved him more than anything. We went everywhere together and he was my best friend for those 13 years.894719_123885607796465_82607139_o
  3. I bagged my dream job. I worked my bum off and pestered and pestered and finally it paid off. I’m now a reporter and currently right at this moment (July 2017) I am taking some exams which will eventually once the course has finished, give me my qualification in Journalism! (if you wanna be a journalist read this!18446653_693246680867164_1644912331334507072_n
  4. Visited Grand Canyon. Well actually I did more than visit it, I got the opportunity to fly over the Grand Canyon, in a helicopter. It was the most amazing experience, made only more memorable by the fact I was extremely hungover and travel sick. Believe it or not a strawberry milkshake before a choppy helicopter ride was not the best of ideas! The pilot played Coldplay:  Speed of sound as we flew over the edge and the ground just disappeared  – truly amazing.Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 13.09.54
  5. Been to Paris and climbed the Eiffel Tower. I also saw the Eiffel Tower from the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Élysées and it was absolutely stunning. Paris is still on my bucket list as I went on a school trip and I’d really love to go there with my boyfriend. I hope he reads this. YOOHOO this is a hint! Haha!eiffel-tower-2112173_1280
  6. Drove down Route 66. I shouldn’t really admit to this because it was not my name on the hire car but my friend who I went with was tired so I took over and it was amazing! Route 66 is different in different towns but the towns I went to the honed in on the whole 50’s Rockabilly, retro America and it was so cool. So glad I’ve had the opportunity!10414644_264478147070543_367585004779612053_n
  7. Visit London! I absolutely love London. And Even though it costs an absolute fortune its a really lovely place and its crammed full of things to do.  And I got to visit ‘The making of Harry Potter’ which was another one on my bucket list.underground
  8. So along with adopting a dog, I got the chance to raise not one puppy but two. My first puppy, Walter, was purchased not long after Spot died. My mum and I just felt the house was not the same without a dog. Walter is a Lhasa Apso cross Bichon Frise. He was a little monster but I love him anyway. I then moved out and my mum and Walter did not want to be parted and I got that sinking ‘house doesn’t feel right’ feeling again. So along came Henry. He’s a Chihuahua cross Yorkshire terrier and he is even more of a little monster. I love them both so much.
  9. Go to a festival. Right ok so the festival was great, I enjoyed the music. I hated the camping. ALL of my belongings were stolen, someone weed in my tent, I had to buy a second hand sleeping bag, I was cold, wet and weeing in a trough. If I ever go to a festival again I will be making sure I am in a caravan that I can lock and feel safe in!272389_10152040208965247_2140864214_o
  10. In Year 8 and 9. (Age 13 and 14) I went Skiing in Aprica in Italy. The first year I just mastered the basics and by the end of my holiday I was getting pretty good at it. The second year I was doing some small jumps and going on the red and black slopes. I then proceeded to kick myself in the face with a ski and gave myself concussion for the remainder of the holiday. I didn’t go back for a third year.solden-114740_1280
  11. Gambled in Las Vegas. Well I won $9 and I bet $1 so I feel I did pretty well! I also visited some of the iconic casinos and watched the Bellagio Fountains. They were playing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles when I watched them, so amazing!10458116_264780507040307_5221983892478828406_n
  12. Travel First Class on a plane. I’m lucky enough to have a great friend who works for an airline and sometimes if there is room I get to sneak into first class! I have to admit though it is so uncomfortable having someone wait on you hand and foot. I felt as though I didn’t deserve it at all!1907561_229972613854430_1025143678_n
  13. SOPPY ALERT! I put a love lock on a bridge with someone I am truly madly in love with. It’s not so much the putting the lock on the bridge because me and Martyn are fully aware that by now it has probably been snipped off (even though we searched for a good hiding place) but it was making a commitment to one another (even though it was just a silly lock) it meant a lot to us both.martyn Rochelle London

There is still so much that I want to do and achieve but I feel as though I have achieved a lot in my 24 years of life. Its really nice to take a step back and think about all the things you have done because it can be so easy to get caught up in what you want to to do and forget that you have actually already done so much with your life. Keep your eyes peeled I’m sure I will post my bucket list soon haha! Looking back has just made me want to do more!

Blondes have more fun?

From brunette to blonde. Can it be done? Is it a good idea?

Well let me tell you I am the queen of hairstyles. You name a colour or style I have most probably done it. From boy short to longer than my bum. From accidental pink hair to purposeful purple hair I have tried it all.

Just a few of the hairstyles and colours…..

The thing with my hair is I get bored of the same thing really quickly. At Christmas I had purple/brown/blonde hair and then went to just plain brunette and that lasted two months and then the sun came out and I felt my hair was too dark so I asked my hair dresser if she would mind making my hair blonde!

Now the area thing about my hair dresser is she has been doing my hair for about 5 years so she knows exactly what I’m like so she tends to say yes on the condition that I don’t bleach the sh*t out of it when she isn’t around.

Yep that happened about two years ago, I had accidentally turned my hair three different shades of red, pink and orange and it took my mum SIXTEEN lots of bleaching my hair until it was back to a normal colour. Yes 16 lots of bleach. I’m not exaggerating you can ask her! And no my hair didn’t fall out (that time) but I did severely burn my scalp.

So back to brunette to blonde. Yes it can be done! But there are certain rules that you should follow.

  1. Do not do it yourself! I cannot stress to you enough how much your scalp hurts. I had blisters, dandruff, burns. It was horrendous. And if that wasn’t painful enough, there is nothing worse than washing off the bleach, taking off that towel and revealing the most horrendous colour. Leave it to a professional!
  2. Don’t expect it to happen straight away. I’ve had highlights put through this time, I will have more put through next time, and then the third time I will have the whole of my hair done.
  3. Buy silver shampoo and get over the fact it may look brassy for a little while! You are changing your colour from one end of the spectrum to the other so its not going to happen over night and there will be some gingery yellow tones, it’s ok! They are called “warm tones” 😉
  4. Look after your hair. Lay off the straighteners! Now I’ve started going blonde I have two weeks of wearing my hair in a bun or a pony tail and letting it dry naturally just so I don’t frazzle it! I also invested in Revlon Professional Uniq One Hair Treatment. You can buy this on feel It is a little bit expensive but so so worth it I cannot recommend it highly enough!
  5. Resign yourself to the fact that once you are blonde you have to upkeep your roots every four weeks. Some people can go longer but for me it is four weeks max! If I could afford to have my roots done every 2 weeks I would, but I would be the homeless girl you buy a sausage roll for when your in town who lives in a sleeping bag with the rootless blonde hair!

So thats it really! Just take your time, if it’s a colour you really want you won’t mind waiting to get it right.

How to Become a Print Journalist

18986243_689514771233543_1174516583_oI have searched far and wide for blogs on how to get into journalism.

This is no disrespect to bloggers but I’m talking specifically about a traditional method of journalism; print. I have seen a thousand and one blogs on how to make money from your blog and how to make money from home which is fantastic but if you are anything like me and like the security of having your holidays paid for, sickness days sorted but still want to write…then you have come to the right place.18987340_689514221233598_923519493_o

I have come up with a ten step plan to help you get ahead in print journalism.

Step One : Take yourself seriously.
If print journalism is something you are really passionate about then make sure you take the necessary steps to prove to yourself and to potential employees that you are serious about this subject. Read books on print journalism and make sure you have a good knowledge. I recommend “The Journalist’s Handbook” by Kim Fletcher.

This book is AMAZING!

It’s a really inspiring read. Also you can take a course or educate yourself online and make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself in for. Print journalism is not a stress and care free job and it takes a lot if will power and determination to even get into the field let alone stay there.

Step Two: Cultivate an interest in current affairs
Oh you hate watching the news? Well hate to be the one to tell you this but half of the news that is reproduced by newspapers is just that. REPRODUCED. you have to watch the news, listen to the radio, trawl the internet and generally be an informed person. You should be watching the news ideally once a day, and making sure you are up to date with all public and current affairs.

Step Three: Leave your comfort zone
Speak to people you don’t know or join a class to find more friends and generally become a more informed and more rounded person. Journalists need to be friendly , approachable and easy to talk to so why not get some practise in?\

Step Four: Get some Contacts. 
That old saying “It’s not what you know it’s who you know” is one of the most important things you will learn as journalist. I cannot stress enough that you need to make sure you have an address book or a way of logging peoples information. I’m talking about everyone you meet! Make sure you get a number or an email and log it because you never know when you will need a quote from someone in a certain field.

Step Five: Get a blog.
Make sure you don’t lose sight of what you want to do…write. Blogs are a great way to link to other people too. You have the whole of the internet at your fingers and it is a greatly of showcasing what you can do writing wise too. Interviews love to see portfolios and even better if your portfolio is a digital one.

Step Six: Learn to gather material.
So it’s not just about speaking to people on the street, it’s about speaking to people relevant to your story. A news story in it’s most basic terms is; Go out into the world, find something newsworthy, capture it and publish it. But make sure the information in-between those steps is both relevant, true informative and entertaining.

Step Seven: Brush up your writing skills.
Surely it goes without saying but newspapers will only be hiring people who are able to write well. It would be beneficial to take a course and learn the format of a newspaper article. If you have not gone to university to study it, try and fine a distant learning course than can teach you this.

Tried to draw an infographic, I’ll stick to writing.

Make sure you check for silly things like spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Step Eight: Gain Work Experience
Start with something modest. if you are at school, the school paper. College or university, your local paper. Older than that… definitely your local paper! Why have you not tried there sooner? In journalism it’s all about working your way up and there is nothing wrong with that. It makes you value your job more.

Step Nine: Build a Portfolio.
Work experience plus your blog means you will have a pretty hefty portfolio. Make sure you showcase your best work and nothing that may come off as mediocre. Your portfolio should show the type of journalist you are and who you want to be. Pick out pieces with a by line or blogs you had a lot of hits on.

Step Ten: Find paid work.
This means spamming all networks possible, or it did for me. I used websites such as or indeed if you search for the right thing. The main tip I can give you here is: when you get interviews to make sure portfolio is professional and make sure the real you shows through. They want to see that you are a nice friendly person that they can trust to be the face of the paper.

I hope that was helpful to anyone who wanted any advice. If anyone has anymore questions please leave a comment below.