Get Well Soon

With all the change in weather this year it was only a matter of time before I came down with the dreaded lurgy.

It started as it usually does with a sore throat and me trying to think back to when I was scream-singing in the car and then bam next day it hits you like a tonne of bricks.

I had to leave work early and take a couple of days off to recuperate as it was a particularly nasty cold with my sinuses and hearing being affected too.

But while I was getting better I made a mental list of things that I’m going to make sure I stock pile to make sure the next time I get poorly I’m prepared. I also think these things helped me heal a lot quicker. (Note I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical qualifications apart from being the first aider at work!)

So here is my how to survive a cold listicle.

1) make sure you have a shit load of tissues and bin close by.
Catch it bin it kill it! Then empty the bin again cos you’ve filled it.
But yes I cannot stress how important it is to throw the tissue away. If I’m surrounded by dirty tissues I feel dirty and unclean and even worse so just get rid as soon as you’ve used them.

2) dose up… and fast.

As soon as I feel even a hint of a cold I’m straight at it with lozenges, paracetamols, medicine, nasal sprays… basically anything that’s going to make it feel better.
My favourite go to products are any day and night capsules any brand is good, I need the caffeine from the day tablets and for night ones to just be paracetamol otherwise I’m awake all night.
Also buttercup medicine because it doesn’t taste gross and makes my throat feel better.
Strepsils. The honey and lemon flavour ones yes yes yes. Don’t take too many. I recently heard (not from my own experience thank the lord) that they have a real laxative effect if you take too many. You don’t want the squits as well as a cold.

3) drink lots of fluids

You need to flush it out your system and water is the way to do it. I’ve got to admit this is one I really struggle with because I don’t drink enough water and drink too much coffee but I always reap the benefits when I drink more water.

4) if you don’t feel well, rest.

From personal experience the worse thing you can do as the only person with a cold is go into work and infect the whole team. And your cold will last twice as long if you are battling through the day because you aren’t giving yourself enough chance to heal. Do everyone a favour, go home and rest.

5) create a nest.

If you have taken my advice and called in sick then make sure everything you need is within reach so you don’t have to keep getting out of bed. Magazines, books, remote, bottles of drink, fruit, tissues, medicines. I’ve had it all while I’ve been poorly, the only time I went out of my bedroom was to have my tea and go to the loo.

6) moisturise.

I can’t be the only person this happens to but when I’ve got a cold my skin feels gross. I like to wash my face with a baby wipe so it feels extra clean. Then moisturise it so it continues to feel hydrated. My favourite daily moisturiser is L’Oréal hydra genius because it makes my skin feel amazing. It always perks me up.
I like to wear a lot of lip balm too as my lips get really dry when I have a cold so just keep everything hydrated.
I also have to Vaseline my nose if I’ve had a cold because it goes all dry and peeling from so much tissue action.

7) have a nice hot bath or shower.
Again because your skin can feel really dull and dry and because you’ve been in bed all day a hot bath or shower is just the thing to make you feel better.
It feels extra relaxing because you know it will be doing you the world of good to just soak and it feels amazing to feel clean and not like the old people in Charlie and the chocolate factory.

8) stay warm.

I’m always cold anyway so I’m all for staying warm. I usually like to keep my room extra toasty by lighting some candles and my wax melts and it’s nice in-between sniffles to smell something fresh instead of that manky cold breath you get.
I also make sure I have lots of quilts and pillows and blankets so I’m fully covered and so I don’t get a chill.

9) invest in some good pjs.
I cannot tell you how much better I feel in a pair of matching pjs rather than some horrible odd ones that only half fit you and feel uncomfortable.
I always like to wear stretchy cotton ones because I just find them the comfiest. My current ones are from Sainsbury’s and they have seagulls on and they are really cute.
Link here: seagull jarmies

10) eat poorly food.

Finally but by no means least eat poorly food. Chicken soup, scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice, grapes.
Not because it will magically make you feel better but it’s that feeling of home comforts that will perk you up.
If your on a diet don’t worry about it while your I’ll because you’ve got enough on your plate without thinking about how many points or syns are in this that and the other. It’s only a couple of days.
Eat that toast, drink that fruit juice and come back stronger.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you feel better soon.

April Fool’s

April Fools Day is generally a happy day throughout the Western world with pranks being performed in the morning and trying to catch each other out.

April 1st for myself is also an important day, because on Wednesday, April 1, 1942 my Grandad was born.

Grandad, known to most people as Mike, was a man of many talents. He spent the majority of his life working on the Steel Works in Scunthorpe until he was made redundant in his late fifties.

Throughout his life he had always been fascinated with history and began metal detecting in 1977 as a part time hobby.

It began as a favour for his brother-in-law as he had lost his wedding ring whilst gardening. In that day he found the gold ring and also lots of discarded coins which of course he was allowed to keep.

From that day forward he was hooked and to further his passion he joined “Scunthorpe Metal Detecting Club”.

He didn’t restrict his treasure hunting to England either, he went on many holidays to Spain and on several occasions didn’t have to save up for spending money because of all the currency he found over there.

Hotel managers would often question where he was getting his “dirty money” from but he would just laugh and buy another bottle of wine.

Many of his finds were very valuable and were frequently auctioned off at Sothebys or donated to local museums.

He told me: “If I make it to 90-years-old I’m going to turn my zimmer frame into metal detectors so that I can carry on forever.”

Tomorrow would have been his 76th birthday. He died thirteen years ago.

April 1 is also important to my boyfriend Martyn. Two years ago tomorrow Martyn underwent an operation to get rid of his cancer.

The operation was successful and he has spent that last two years in remission.

In that time he has raised money for cancer charities, got a tattoo for charity, thrown himself off a 150 foot ledge for charity and basically been an inspiration for many people including myself to get out there and support the organisations that saved his life.16996242_642981345886886_4854849600684553854_n

I don’t play pranks on April Fool’s day, and it’s a really emotional day for everyone around me but I am forever thankful for April 1st.

If it wasn’t for April 1st I wouldn’t have had the best grandparent anyone could ever ask for.

If it wasn’t for April 1st I wouldn’t have my partner-in-crime who has made my life so very happy since the day he walked into it.


Now I’m going to thank J K Rowling for this quote from my favourite book series and finish with the most relevant words I could find: “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Feminist? Just my views!

I’d like to think of myself as a bit of a feminist but even I’m not sure what that entails anymore.

To some men that probably means I’m a bitchy moany whingey woman who isn’t satisfied with anything that I’ve got.

To some women, it means I’m some hippy hairy-armpitted women screaming about periods and pay.

But to me, it means that I am empowered and that I know exactly what I want and no man nor woman is going to stop me.

The whole inequality in pay is something that I have never come across if I’m being completely honest. The gender pay gap really isn’t something that has affected me personally because as far as I’m aware I’ve always been paid the same pay as my male peers and if I ever found out that someone was getting paid more for doing the same job I’d speak up because – well- I can’t help myself and if somethings bothering me, you can be sure as shit I’m going to pipe up eventually.

Feminism to me is being independent.

Before I was with Martyn I was living by myself, doing all of the DIY jobs in the house, the gardening, the decorating, the building, the cooking, the cleaning, everything. Yes, parts of those jobs were crap… like for example, my curtain pole was so wonky that one side was always shut and one side was always open…

But I did it. And I was proud. And even now if Martyn wasn’t around I wouldn’t wait to do a job I’d give it my best shot because we both work hard and even though I know he is more qualified to do manual jobs than me it is not his job to do every bit of heavy lifting and DIY just like he knows it is not my job to do every bit of cleaning or cooking.

It annoys me that half of the women claiming to be feminists, claiming to want equality, are the same ones who won’t put the bin out because that’s a “man’s job”.

If we want equality, we better start acting like equals too.

I’m ready to fight to minimise the gap and what I want is actual equality.

I want men to have longer paternity leave, I want women to not have to do every last bit of housework, I want to see women stop emotionally blackmailing men and I want men to stop objectifying women. But its got to work both ways.

We can’t fight for equality when our goal is to be treated better than men. We can’t fight for equality and the turn round and say “who run the world? Girls” cos no. We don’t. Yes we have periods and it’s pants, and yep we gotta be the one to have babies and from what I’ve heard… painful. But it takes two to make that child, and we get longer paid maternity leave to compensate for that!

If you want gender equality we better start saying who run the world? Girls! And boys! Equally. Cos that’s fair.

So am I a feminist? I still think so? I think it’s crap that we have only had the vote for 100 years that should have never been the case. It’s rubbish that BBC China news editor Carrie Gracie felt her hand was forced in quitting her role because she was being paid a substantial amount less than her male equivalents. And she has my complete support, as does every other individual in her position.

(I marched 4 women)

But I will not be a part of any culture that promotes entitlements over equality.

So yeah that’s my two pence sorry in advance if I’ve offended!

HUGHES REVIEWS: P&O Mini Cruise to Bruges

This is a bit of a new one on me. I’m not normally one for travel reviews but I’ve been to some incredible places recently and it feels a shame not to have shared them so here goes.


I booked a P&O mini cruise from Hull for Martyn for Christmas. I thought it would be something for us both to look forward to. I booked it to depart on Valentines so that instead of going out for something to eat we could have a Titanic moment on the boat.

That did not happen.

After going through security we dropped our bags off in our cabin. I say cabin, it was more of a large wardrobe with a bunkbed. If you have never been on a mini cruise before you have to be prepared for how small the room is. We had two rucksacks and we were crowded. I obviously stuck Martyn on the top bunk because 1) it was my first time on a ferry and I didn’t know if I was going to get sea sick and 2) there was no side to it so you could fall. Despite this we had the best night sleep. Martyn loved the top bunk and I liked the not sharing the quilt! It was such a good night sleep that we genuinely  considered investing in bunk beds for when we got home.

Anyway before the best sleep of our lives we ate at the ferries all you can eat buffet restaurant and it was so good. Was it worth the £21 price tag? Probably not, but I think we wouldn’t have had such a good time if we were scrimping and scraping on food. I would probably recommend paying for meals before hand so it doesn’t feel like such a huge cut out of your spending money, (plus I think its a couple of pounds cheaper if you book in advance). After tea we went down to the show bar where there was an acoustic duo performing. We were also very lucky to be sailing on Valentines day so the boat was decorated with love heart balloons and sweets and felt really romantic.

We docked at around 9am and it took us until about 10am to get into Bruges with the queueing to get off the ferry and the bus into the town and the confusion over times. (Your phone does not change itself straight away and it is confusing!)

When we got there we went for breakfast in this nice little cafe, I had a cheese and ham croissant, Martyn ate one of everything. Then we visited a chocolate shop, and another and another and another and another. I think we visited roughly 30 chocolate shops. We found the bell tower, and went into a couple of stationery shops (guilty!) but could we find a pub? Could we chuff. The bus back to the boat left at about 5:30pm so we set off at 5. As we were walking back we found every single pub in Bruges which was so annoying.

When we got back on the ferry we enjoyed our £21 tea and then proceeded to get very very drunk and had a wail of a time.

So yeah Bruges. It was nice, it was very scenic and beautiful and we had a wonderful Valentine’s day there but it was the ferry where we had the most fun. It’s a really nice break away and we spent the rest of the day once we had  docked laid on the sofa recovering. It is so close to us and so convenient and two for £80 you really cannot go wrong. We started planning our next trip as soon as we got back.


HUGHES REVIEWS: AP-24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste

img_8016White teeth are a big thing for me. If my face is spotty or my hair is greasy I can always rely on the fact that my teeth are straight (ish) and are white.

Or so I thought.

I use whitening products all the time. Crest strips were the most recent fad. Before that some whitening strips that I brought back from America that probably broke some import law but anyway the point is my only method was to brush my teeth twice a day and once a week stick a whitening strip on.

The whitening strips for the purpose of being completely transparent in my reviews do work. And my teeth do look whiter after I’ve used them. It also helps that I stopped smoking as my teeth seem to be in a lot better shape now (duh obvs should never have smoked in the first place ra ra ra) But the whitening strips were making my teeth and my gums so bloody sensitive and actually bleaching my gums sometimes. So I had white teeth and patchy white gums. Not hot.

So my friend from school who works in beauty asked for a few people to trial some toothpaste and I offered and she gave me a free sample (thank-you Sarah!)

Oh. My. God.

All other toothpastes and whitening products have faded into insignificance in comparison. To be honest the first day I swapped I used it and thought “ugh what is this watery toothpaste this isn’t going to clean my mouth.” It felt like I was washing my teeth with milk because it was so thin and in some parts it was quite grainy, but I persevered because hey what harm could it do.  After I rinsed my mouth out and spat I did the tongue over teeth test and it was as though I had just been for a scale and polish at the dentist. My teeth felt so so clean and the taste of the toothpaste wasn’t bad either, a really subtle spearmint but noticeable all morning.

My teeth felt clean all day, even up to the point of brushing before bed.

The tube lasted me two months and ran out earlier this week. I was devastated. Colgate tastes and feels like crap and I miss it already.

Even without the whitening results I was happy with the product, but when I compared my teeth before and after the difference was remarkable and I was converted.

On a superficial level the packaging looks really nice too and for how long it lasted I’d be happy to pay the £10.50 price tag.

I’m 100% sold on this product.

Sarah’s website:


**Although the product given was a free sample all views are my own. I receive no payment for the review just extremely happy with the product!

Seven Things Before 25

Next week I will be half way to 50. My 25th birthday has crept up so fast that I don’t feel as though I have had any time being 24.
I remember being 10 or 11-years-old thinking that 25 was practically ancient or that people who were 25 had their lives in order and knew exactly what they wanted or what they should have done by now.
But the older you get the more you realise that no one really knows what they are doing, and even though people give you advice they don’t know for definite if it is right. They are just muddling through life like we all are, making decisions we hope are right at the time. And they are also most definitely not old…yet.
So for this last week, I am reflecting on seven things I’m glad I’ve done by 25.
1) I’m happy I paid attention a school. Yes, it was boring not always going out at the time my friends were, and yes it was boring having MSN banned while I finished off a Romeo and Juliet dissection for English but I came out with good grades and it taught me some discipline.
2) I’m glad that I was bullied. Sounds weird but I’m glad that people were shitty and horrible to me because when I was younger I was such a wimp and I would cry at absolutely everything and now people can say horrible stuff to me and I can brush it off. Don’t get me wrong it hurts now and then but it’s made me into a much stronger person in the long run.
3) I’m pleased that I got so so drunk. This whole once bitten, twice shy thing is absolute rubbish. I have been bitten about 30 times and these past two years I have finally learnt my lesson. I know when enough is enough. And I *TRY* not to make a fool of myself anymore.
4) I’m glad I kissed a frog. Trying to make that sound as pleasant as possible but being with some horrible guys has made me appreciate everything I have found now in Martyn and I try and show him that every day. It’s made me grateful for Martyn and shown me exactly what a relationship should look like.
5) I’m happy that I have had (and lost) my own business. There are not many people who can say that they have had their own business, especially at the age of 19 and 20. And yep I lost it but my God it was worth every second and penny for that experience and it made closer than ever to friends and family.
6) I’m glad I went to Uni. I’m pleased that I can say I went but it doesn’t mean I liked it. In fact, University was the worse time of my life but again Je ne regrette rien. Everyone makes mistakes and mine was thinking that I should choose a university based on who I was dating rather than what I was studying. Lesson learnt! Glad I’ve done it!
7) I’m pleased that I have travelled so much because it makes me feel so fortunate. I’ve visited places that people dream of going to. The world is big place and I haven’t even scratched the surface but I’ve been on some big adventures and it’s made me want to know and experience more of it.
There’s so much more I could waffle on for but I’m gonna cut it here. Here’s to the next 25 years and to many more life lessons!


I’m a Scummy Horrible Newspaper Journalist

It has kicked off massively with all this Jack Maynard stuff.

If you have been living under a rock basically a youtube vlogger who is the brother of a sort-of singer has been taken out of I’m a Celebrity for a series of tweets that contain racial/homophobic slurs.

(That’s how the tabloids have described him using the N-word anyway. *rolling my eyeeees*)

Anyway, he’s been pulled out of the jungle so he can defend his actions.

And then I was listening to my local radio station this morning and the presenter said something along the lines of what kind of “scummy horrible newspaper journalist” scrolls through someones twitter feed just to find a story.

Truth bomb, every single newspaper journalist.

I am far from offended by this comment. Last week I was called a tosser and a fat arse so to put me in a scummy-non-sweary category was a nice change to be honest.

I don’t think you can appreciate until you’ve worked in media how much pressure there is to create interesting content for people to consume.

I mean I am far from a tabloid reporter but I’ve looked through twitter feeds of new influential people in the area if its close to deadline and I haven’t written anything remotely close to a front page. Just as my colleagues have and will continue to do. And why? Because the public will read it, and the public have a right to know what is being published on social media. End of.

Journalist get a bad reputation for being vultures and negative but thats only because people spread negative things.

A lot of journalists do really brilliant work. For example this.

It’s an interactive report dedicated to victims and survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

This will have taken hours, days weeks of investigation to create such a personal report on each individual. I personally feel they have done a brilliant job of capturing the essence of these people and the sheer terror of that night.

Journalists are called scummy because the only thing that people remember is the bad, they don’t remember those happy pieces, the emotive pieces and they focus on the negative.

Journalists cater to the masses. I’m a celebrity has over 10million viewers and journalists know that the viewers will be interested to read anything to do with it. It’s common sense. They are going to run the story because it will sell papers.

I got into journalism because I wanted to communicate with the masses about things that matter, and amidst the press releases and twitter scrolling, I do get to do that.

I get to give charities a voice who otherwise maybe wouldn’t.

I am allowed to give someone and outlet to speak their opinion in a controlled environment.

Sometimes I feel I get to make a difference to someone.

And I do good work, I help the environment, I get involved in fundraising, I give to charity, I donate to food banks and charity shops. But sometimes in my job I scroll through twitter to find something that other journalists might have missed and I write a story.


Is it my fault that someone has previously written something controversial who is an influencial person to the masses?

So yeah, just wanted to put my two pence in. Doesn’t mean I will stop listening to that radio station, because I know that a lot of the listeners will have agreed and it’s the presenters job to appeal to the masses.

And on the same note a little tip is to know that everything that you put online leaves a footprint and it doesn’t matter how many times you delete it nothing stays erased for long. So be kind.


HUGHES REVIEWS – Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Shampoo and Conditioner

Oh ladies its that time again, and this one is for all you blondies. Yep all you faux Marilyn Monroe’s with your bleach blonde hair that keeps going brassy…. Well let me tell you, this is a thing of the past.
I am absolutely in love with Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Shampoo and Conditioner!

Gone are the days where I cross days off the calendar waiting for my hair dye day!
Gone is the pouring of the talcum powder in my hair before a night out so it doesn’t look orange (yes I did this)

I am free to let my hair be a sparkly fresh ashy colour blonde I have this shampoo and conditioner to thank.

Now don’t get me wrong, no shampoo and conditioner is ever going to be as good as a toner on your hair (that you only let your hairdresser apply because anything else is BADDDDDD!) but this shampoo and conditioner is as close as you’re going to get.

And if you don’t believe me? Ask my boyfriend. He hopped in the shower a couple of days after I bought it and lathered it over his hair, amused that it was a deep purple colour.

He walked in the bedroom, smelling like a salon, towel round his waist, his natural browny coloured hair now a lighter blonde.

“You’ve used my shampoo haven’t you?”

“Yes, it’s purple.”

“Yeah I know, its to lighten and make my hair less yellow”


“And you look like a surfer!”

He runs to the mirror, sure enough his hair’s a little lighter, he said he liked it so we are all good. ** Have left some 70p boots own shampoo out now though so he doesn’t waste my new best mate of a shampoo.**

But back to the point, yes it’s expensive. Yes it stains your nails. But my god is my hair in good condition and a lovely colour. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
If I had a 5 star rating I’d give it a 6.
It’s currently on offer here and you get a free gift so snap it up!

Diary: Ditching the scales

SO I’ve spent two and a half years half heartedly following the slimming world plan. But it’s time now I finally reach my target.
But what is my target? How the hell will I know what 10 stone will look like on me? or 8 stone? I might be happier at 11 stone.  ARGHH.
Made a little decision that from now on I’m not doing it solely based on weight any more.
In fact I’m only going to weigh myself once a month so I don’t get obsessed with numbers.
img_3823I’m going to be basing my entire journey on fitting in this dress that I’ve spent 2 years hoarding. Its not a particularly special dress, its not sparkly or amazing but I’ve never been able to fit in it.
It says its a 14 but I think it must have got muddled up with US sizes and it’s actually a 10 because even at my lowest weight I could not squeeze my arse into this dress!
I’m not going to slimming world classes because (and this is the honest truth) Great British Bake Off has started again on a Tuesday night and well… I like GBBO…
I’ve started eating healthily again, and I dragged Martyn into it as well because he was hoping for ice cream on Saturday, instead he got fruit with a muller light! He then tried to teach me how to use weights for my arms and my 1.5 kg lady weights got too heavy and I bashed myself in the face. Martyn laughed, I cried.
The weight training came about because we got into bed and as he went to set an alarm he noticed the two arm weights on my bed side table.
“Why the hell are these here?”
“I do arm weights before bed…”
“Oh God, Show me…”

*does the arm weights*

“Oh God, stop.”
But I am fully trained now and will have the arms of a goddess not of a 73-year-old who’s only exercise has been dabbing at bingo.
So I’m going to spend 4 weeks sticking to the diet, measuring myself because I find even when I’m not losing weight I can feel the difference in inches lost.
4 weeks means
I’ve weighed myself today and I will weigh myself again on Monday, October 2.
I’ve set a lil reminder in my phone and hopefully I will see a big loss in pounds, and also a big loss in inches.
I have measured:
1) Thighs
2) Arms
3) Waist
4) Bust
Ideally I am hoping for about 11 or 12 lb lost but hey ho as long as it goes down I’ll be happy.
I’ll try the dress on too… you never know…
Anyway I’ve gone off the point again, I never shut my mouth. The main point I was trying to make is that numbers on the scales should not determine how happy you are. I’ve had a lovely weekend, felt really confident. Don’t know what I’ve lost, just chose clothes that I liked and felt happy in myself. Something I’ve not felt for a long time.

Ten Reasons: Autumn is Bloody Brilliant

I cannot believe it is the last day of August. To me that says it’s the last day of summer and we are now going to have to resign ourselves to the fact that bare legs and flip flops are no longer acceptable. And dig out those sweatshirts, wooly tights and boots. (YES!!)

I love autumn, because you get all the good parts of winter without freezing your tits off. (That’s a technical term by the way for the temperature dropping below 5 degrees celsius).
Thought I’d treat us all to a listicle of why we should look forward to autumn and wave goodbye to summer.

Ten Reasons Why Autumn is Bloody Brilliant.
1) Telly gets good on a Saturday again. Apart from the fact that Harry Potter has been shown all summer there is absolutely naff all to look forward to. I don’t care if you love or hate X-factor, its part of British law that on a Saturday : “Thou shalt sit down with a takeaway and listen to Simon Cowell insult people.”

2) Covering body parts. Hurray! It is no longer acceptable for Mr Smith down the road to walk to the shop with his hairy back and beer belly out! And you don’t have to worry about ‘slimming for that summer body’ rubbish anymore. Do you know why? Because it’s going to be covered in 300 layers of wool! Another positive is because you’re legs are thick with tights and jeans you can go a few more days without shaving your legs and no one will know. I won’t tell if you don’t!

3) Stews. YES OMGOMGOMG. I can stick some veg and meat and gravy in a slow cooker, go to work and that is acceptable to eat for the next three days. I will eat stew until it comes out of my eyeballs. I don’t ever get bored, this week its chicken, next it’s beef, I’m having this one with Yorkshire puds, tomorrow dumplings… amazing! So many options. I think I’m going to bring out a stew recipe book because I just think it’s so underrated! Easy and healthy **

**healthy if you don’t stick loads of gravy in it or have your bowl made up of 75% dumpling.

4)Flavours. This seems a bit weird but you can guarantee that September rolls around, and all the good flavoured stuff comes out. Costa and Starbucks start doing pumpkin and cinnamon and ginger and all that jazz. And my mum shouts at me for this but all the good flavoured candles come out too!(“They are called scents Rochelle, not flavours!”” Yeah yeah.)

5) Dark nights. YEY! On one night in October we get an extra hour in bed and I won’t feel guilty going to bed at 8pm because its dark outside! You’re allowed! And dark nights mean its getting a little colder so I can finally put my heating on. (I’ve been freezing for about 2 months but its not acceptable to have your heating on Summer and people judge you alot.)

6) I don’t have to paint my toe nails until next March because I will be living in tights and boots. I won’t even know what my feet look like. I will put socks on in a morning, come home and replace socks with slippers and then the cycle repeats. Im glad I don’t have hairy toes because by the time spring came around I’d be tripping over it haha!

7)Halloween. I absolutely love halloween. I love a good halloween night out, and going out looking as ugly as I possibly can and not caring! I also really like sweets and everyone has sweets around halloween time! Last year I went out at zombie Beauty from Beauty and the beast and let me tell you, I did not look beautiful. My friend spent about 2 hours doing my make up to look like I’d been killed by the beast, and I had black contacts in which had dried up half way through the night and were just scratching my iris but I still had the best night!

8) Bonfire Night. Martin think’s I’m a bit sad because all fireworks are the same ra ra ra… but I love fireworks. I always get all goosebumpy and emotional when I watch them. I also really like hotdogs… haha why does everything seem to revert back to food with me?? Anyway yeah hotdogs, toffee apples, burgers, jacket potatoes.

9) You are one season away from Christmas! YEYYY. I love Christmas. I love buying Christmas presents and that’s socially acceptable in autumn too because all the christmassy bits come out in the shops! I saw a Christmas tree in a pub a couple of days ago and we are in August so another two weeks and I will be knee deep in tinsel I’m sure of it!

10) I’m combining a few more of my favourite things but under the collective header of nature! Conkers, fallen leaves and spiders. Right… hear me out, I am not the biggest fan of spiders but do you know what I hate more? Mosquitoes and moths and daddy longlegs and when the spiders come back the flies piss off! Good Riddance! I am sick of being bitten from head to toe! The fallen leaves still look pretty and haven’t turned into a stodgy mess yet and I miss conker collecting so so much!!