The most depressing ten year challenge you ever did see. Read on I know you want to!

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Meltdowns Don’t Always Mean Mental Health Issues

Amanda Bynes has #broketheinternet with her recent interview in Paper magazine and I will be the first to say fair play to her! When I was younger I was never really that big of a fan of her but I always ended up watching her films which to me is a sign of an actress […]

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Salt and Pepper

I didn’t want to upset anyone by writing this incase it got back to the person who caused this but then I thought… nah I’m owning this! Self acceptance is important!

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Seven ways to say boobs.

Read on if you wanna find the seven ways I say boobs in this post. And also why I am in a bikini and on my soapbox.

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This is probably one of the most embarrassing things I’m admitting to, but I think women need to hear it.

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Oh my dog. ​

I forgot Henry’s birthday but I’m a good owner apart from that, I promise.
Winners of the Facebook competition announced.

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